Draw 30 Flowers(No.1 – Tulips)

I realized recently that if I wish to paint flowers moving foward, I’m better off learning their shapes so I can end this insane reliability on references, even if it’s a real flower. So, what better thing to do than take on an art challenge to achieve this, right? I tried drawing 100 something before and beautifully failed at keeping it going. So I thought this time around I’d make it more realistic and decreased the number to 30. Let’s see.

Initially I selected the below photo from Unsplash but this thing was way too hard for me to manage it in the time I had available (I had two goes at drawing it and only went as far as drawing half of it). So, I remembered what a Russian artist on instagram once said: that the trouble with beginners is they often start with complex subjects. I decided, I’d pick a much simpler flower.

I love those Draw [No] something projects because they don’t put as much pressure as the [No] days projects on you. You plough through it at your own pace šŸ™‚

That’s it for flower No.1 (Tulip).


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