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Gouache Painting No.1

based on photo by jez timms via unsplash.com

Bah, what better way than painting everyday to pick up a new skill? I am usually not hot on daily art challenges that last long but when it gets to painting, I’ve had this little fantasy of painting tiny each day in a given medium for…some time now so…I thought I’d give the daily thing a try again. Mind you, there will be days I won’t be able to deliver when life gets hectic but in the main, I’m going to try to sit down for a good 45 mns to do a little painting in gouache each day. More like learning and getting a clue 😍

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Draw 30 Flowers(No.1 – Tulips)

I realized recently that if I wish to paint flowers moving foward, I’m better off learning their shapes so I can end this insane reliability on references, even if it’s a real flower. So, what better thing to do than take on an art challenge to achieve this, right? I tried drawing 100 something before and beautifully failed at keeping it going. So I thought this time around I’d make it more realistic and decreased the number to 30. Let’s see.

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New to Gouache

For those of you who don’t follow me on instagram, I recently decided to take some time off what I was doing creatively to explore more and pick up some new skills along the way. Trying out new media was top of my list. So, I thought I’d give gouache a go and ordered myself my first set of paint. Because I don’t roll on gold, I decided to keep it simple and get the primary colors only at this stage.

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