Good Bye Image Trace

photo by Steve Huntington via

My adventures in pattern design and being a pod designer continue. This week’s pains and joys? Illustrator’s Image Trace and using the cheap Wacom tablet.

Image Trace

Yesterday I made a major discovery that’s reshaping my creative life to some extent: Illustrator’s Image Trace functionality cannot be trusted to digitize drawings well for pattern design, at least the botanical pattern design I was setting myself up for. I admit, having invested much time and effort in rebranding my shops, starting a brand new instagram feed, learning, etc, towards botanical pattern design, this came as a major blow to my plan.

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Digitizing Mandala Drawings

Today is Sticker Wednesday and unfortunately I have no sticker to show for myself, only a first digital mandala about 60% done (See below). The digital learning curve has most definitely made itself felt today. I am coming to terms with the fact that getting up to speed with my digital skills to pursue my creative goals is going to take me some time.

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