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I’m Alex, a UK based artist designer,  and I I love drawing and painting.

This blog is my creative playground where I blog about my creative life, the art that I make, both for fun and for sale, and anything creative that inspires me a post. I also enjoy blogging about the things I have to learn in my creative journey. I do my best to present them as tutorials so they hopefully can be helpful to other creatives too.

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Gouache Painting No.1

based on photo by jez timms via unsplash.com

Bah, what better way than painting everyday to pick up a new skill? I am usually not hot on daily art challenges that last long but when it gets to painting, I’ve had this little fantasy of painting tiny each day in a given medium for…some time now so…I thought I’d give the daily thing a try again. Mind you, there will be days I won’t be able to deliver when life gets hectic but in the main, I’m going to try to sit down for a good 45 mns to do a little painting in gouache each day. More like learning and getting a clue 😍

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