Good Bye Image Trace

photo by Steve Huntington via

My adventures in pattern design and being a pod designer continue. This week’s pains and joys? Illustrator’s Image Trace and using the cheap Wacom tablet.

Image Trace

Yesterday I made a major discovery that’s reshaping my creative life to some extent: Illustrator’s Image Trace functionality cannot be trusted to digitize drawings well for pattern design, at least the botanical pattern design I was setting myself up for. I admit, having invested much time and effort in rebranding my shops, starting a brand new instagram feed, learning, etc, towards botanical pattern design, this came as a major blow to my plan.

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Adventures in Botanicals

I recently decided to give a new direction to my creative life in the new year starting this month: going back to basics while focusing my pod efforts on botanical. The first decision stems from the fact that it just feels like it’s time I take the bull by the horn and plain stick to good old fashion focused learning. I’ve been at it for some time now and I’ve always lacked focus. As a result, I’ve been quite unhappy with my progress. Never too late to rectify that, right? As for the pod decision, it feels that this is the right direction to go now. Focus on one thing and get good at it through time. So, in that vein, I recently started the new floral brand – Alex & Pens Florals – with a few new botanical designs:

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