Geopatterning Thursday No.4

Today’s mood was festive. This is my first festive art ever and I enjoyed it very much. Let’s spread some december magic!


Digitizing Mandala Drawings

Today is Sticker Wednesday and unfortunately I have no sticker to show for myself, only a first digital mandala about 60% done (See below). The digital learning curve has most definitely made itself felt today. I am coming to terms with the fact that getting up to speed with my digital skills to pursue my creative goals is going to take me some time.

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Botanical Monday No.2

It’s Monday again! That means Botanical Monday! So, today, I did two different things, starting with a warm up above. Next, I continued with the piece below.

based on photo by Scott Webb

Phew! Today’s botanical session gave me a sweat!😌 I had in mind something else – I was planning to leave this one for later – and I had three goes at three different things and it all ended up in the bin. I don’t often get that but it happens sometimes.

So, reluctantly, I gathered my courage together to tackle this piece. I was reluctant to start painting it today because I didn’t want to ruin it and I wanted to be well prepared. Anyway, I’m glad I got started because I’ve already learnt a thing or two 🙂

Until next Monday!